About Miguel

Born February 22, 1978 in Houston, Texas, Miguel Hanson came into this world wide-eyed and happy.  Not much has changed. Growing up in Spring, Texas Miguel attended schools in the area, played baseball at ORWALL (Oak Ridge Woodlands Area Little League), was a boy scout, and spent weekends fishing in the gulf of Mexico with his family.  Miguel always had a love for technology. With his first game console an Atarti 1600 at the age of 6 and learning how to program in Basic in the first grade, he took to computers like a fish to water. Building his first computer in 1996, a 486 sx with 16 MB of ram, Miguel spent thousands of hours researching and studying the latest in computer hardware.  He attended college at Montgomery College and completed his 2 year coursework in little more than a year. Often Miguel would take 18-22 hours a semester. Taking that amount of classes requires both teacher and dean approval. Miguel passed his classes with flying colors.

SSSI/Enova Software
Miguel started his first computer job at Sterling Strategic Solutions in 1997; it was there he met his current employer Edward Moore. Ed taught Miguel what it was to be a good manager and boss. He also turned Miguel on to web development.  Little did Miguel know that web development and graphics design would become a passion in his life. Miguel’s first web site was TheDaveMatthewsBand.Org. It went through many revisions. Miguel learned HTML 4.0, ASP and SQL. With his newly learned skills he turned his website into a website powerhouse, which ranked higher in the AOL search engine than Dave Matthews official web site. Sterling Strategic Solutions changed company names to Enova Software.

Montgomery College
Miguel went to work for companies such as Verizon Wireless, Wireless Retail, and then finally found a home back at his alma mater Montgomery College; his first day was on Sept 11, 2001 at 5:30am. Miguel delivered A/V equipment that morning. What a first day. After the tragic attack on the World Trade Center, everyone was forced to leave the campus early due to a fear of terrorist attacks. Miguel moved up the ladder at Montgomery College and soon started working as the evening manager of the Extended Learning Center (ELC).  Charged with supervision of all the tutors, machines, and patrons of the learning center, Miguel used the lessons that Ed had taught him years earlier to create a successful environment and relationship with his employees. For almost 2 years Miguel taught seminars on HTML and Graphics Design to faculty, staff, students, and community members. Miguel was a part of the team of the templates team that led to the creation of the current NHMCCD web site.

Directory One
Miguel found work at Directory One and met SEO industry giant Sean Odom,  In his stay at D1 Sean taught Miguel much about “SEO” search engine optimization. The two formed a friendship that has lasted through the years, both with a passion for web development, fast computer hardware and video games. Miguel left D1 but still keeps in touch with Sean who formed his own company  SeOpt. http://www.seopt.com

Moore Concepts
Miguel worked for his former mentor Ed Moore at Moore Concepts. Working at Moore Concepts Miguel has accomplished much, having been awarded one of the Top Ten Most Reliable Web Developers as shown in Texas Monthly Magazine April 2008.  Wearing many hats at Moore Concepts, Miguel handles web site design, e-commerce, Flash, graphic design, malware removal, geophysical workstation building, and Cpanel administration.

Miguel still builds fast computers, can you build one as fast? His latest passmark(not cheating! Don’t use RAMDRIVE) score was 3344.

Is your computer that fast?